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it’s half way through the week already….. i felt like time is going fast and there is nothing i can do to stop the time even for a second…. i might as well stop & smell the roses along the way and enjoy my life…..  i must admit for this time of the year the weather is good compare to other years…. this is just random post but i do want to thanks to some of you who left comments…. i did get a chance to read them all…. i still haven’t had a chance to browse myself with different feature on word press…. i haven’t had a chance to read most people post on the site either except the one that are freshly pressed….  if there is specific topic u guys are more interested in i’ll be more than happy to write about it….

i seem to be writing about relationship topic lately…. my daily new post is based on what happen the day i’m writing or the day before…. so it’s random…. this is more like my own diary….. have u guys ever save term paper or essay from Middle School, High School or even College?  i do save some random paper & every time i looked back i love how my handwriting have change over the years…. i love to read what i wrote & laughed/learned at my own mistakes i made on the paper….i do hope one day i read back all those posts i wrote and all the heartache trouble i was feeling & be able to laugh about it….

on a separate note—- i do miss traveling…. since my brand new job =) will be starting next week i’m not going to have time to travel much till next year…. but it seem like it’s for the best considering i’m broke…. i might as well save some cash for myself for the holiday….. i’m counting down the time to leave work…. have a fabulous day!


Other side of the Globe…

i had been reading this series of book where main character lives in Europe aka London…. now i’m crazy in love with Europe and want to see what life is like there…. call me crazy i’m now regretting not typing “Jobs in Europe” in my Google bar….. damn it….. but i do need to save some $ for myself if i happen to move there…. awww everything does work out in the end….

here is a little tip for anyone who is reading this….. definitely do research before u move to another country…. believe me even within the States different part of the States do thing differently…. it doesn’t hurt to know their habit and the way they do things….. another task u need to do is go visit the country first to see if u going to like living there….. i visited places other countries past 2 yrs…. i must say even with people raving about “this is amazing —- u can’t find this anywhere else”  even with all the positive reviews and their own personal experiences stories mine was different…. i love visiting but i know i wouldn’t like living there…. why bother moving to a country where u know u r not going to enjoy it…. it helps if u have a chance to visit the country first and see for yourself…. when u visit for u also have an ideas which neighborhood u want to live in….. finding a place where u feel comfortable is the main challenge if u r going to rent or find a roommate…..

anyways…. now i’m in this zone where i’m reading more about Europe and what is like living there….. one crazy adventure at a time…. have a fabulous weekend! =)

Learning about MYSELF

These past few weeks since i come back from my trip i’m in the between zone…. let me back up and explain that….. u know when u r happy and when u r sad…. i don’t feel happy or sad…. is that possible?  i don’t want to smile nor cry….. Being alone on the trip I learned a lot about myself…. some i already knew about but it’s good to have that reminder again….Could that be the reason I’m not sad anymore?

I was literally having the breakdown before the trip….. frustration with my job, my love life, and my life in general…. it was a good trip….. a good trip as in i got a chance to be more independent…. i learned not to depend on people….. the reason?  my very own friend who I can’t rely on….. if i canceled one of my destination because she can’t make final destination i would have never learn more things about myself….. i would had never experience cultures, food, or meet people….. part of me is glad i could always say “hey i went to this and that destination by myself”  but would i ever travel alone again…. probably not….. yes i don’t mind being on the plane or bus or any type of transportation alone…. what i do mind is eating alone or seeing different culture alone…. i want to share the experience with somebody…. i could always point this or he/she could point out some building and say something funny…. life is short…. yes that mean enjoy it while it last…. u don’t know when u time will be up but would that be nice to have someone to share with?  i’m not talking about going out and finding “the one” to go on trips with u…. just having good friends…..

i’m stuck in between…. i have FOUR different type of friends…. here is an example of the first type…. i have friends that love to travel but they are unreliable…. if there is bombing (god forbid) we have to run and if i happen to fall down & can’t get up…. i know they would kept running….. yes that’s one type of people i know….

here is the second type…. yes i would love to travel…. let’s go here and there…. agree to the time frame and back out because they rather do something else or give lame excuse…. if u can’t make it say ahead….. but then again all of a sudden her “ex” supposedly happen to be settling down in that location, i’ll hear “let’s go” WHAT R WE WAITING FOR?  my answer “NO THANKS”  that is the same type that got mad if i don’t invited them when i go on trips…. i need at least someone who is willing to go…. not the one that kept changing their mind because something better come along…. why on earth would i invited them to go on a trip?  if i book the plane tickets and they can’t make it what would i supposed to do?

Third type…. who rely too much on their significant others…. if their significant others couldn’t make it they wouldn’t even come out…. not just a trip just going out to eat in general…. if they happen to make it they’ll just spend and talk with their significant others…. those one i’m detaching myself one by one…. thanks for the invite but i don’t want to come all the way out to meet u and u canceled because ur bf doesn’t want u to go eat at this location…..

Last type… the one who called last minutes because they don’t want to go to party or some events alone….. LAST MINUTES and then they don’t tell full details of the party as in example the theme of the party….. i have someone who tell me about let’s go out with this and that person…. someone birthday…. my response ok…. then an hr before i’m coming out to meet her she happen to tell me the theme of this going out to drink is “THIS”  i need to have headband… ummm ok….. then when she and i finally got to the place i realized the theme was established weeks ago…. she herself was shopping for the perfect “headband” for the theme party weeks ago…. why would u omitted this information from me? even if u tell me about the gathering last minutes… u could have mentioned it when u called to tell me the 1st time…. that is not the worse part…. the worst part is when she saw someone she knew i don’t exist in the party anymore…. But as much as i hate it, it gave me a chance to go up to some stranger i don’t know and introduce myself….. if u happen to be with a group of friends u ended up not talking to anyone aside from the one u come with…. i like to raise above ridiculous situations i always ended up in…. at the end i always ended up saying i met this really cool dude or gal….=)

i mean don’t get me wrong…. there is time they are reliable but it out weight the unreliable part…. i do have some small numbers of friend who i can rely on but the sad part is they don’t live where i live…. they had moved to other cities and settling into the place already…. just day-to-day going out they can’t be here with me =/  after time period we ended up growing apart….  i remember in my freshmen english class, the professor mentioned there is always someone out there who matched ur personality, who is just like u but they happen to be another side of the earth….. it could be the “one” or just a good friend for you….if u r lucky u will meet that person…. so far i had met numerous number of people that is close match but the 1% different is making me realized that is not the one….

The whole point of writing this is I don’t know if u happen to have friends like mine but there is always someone in our life that does something that will bug us…. u just have to know urself and surrounded with good people…. have u heard of happiness is contagious?  if u know urself and what u r capable of u could be hanging out with them but u can always make the night better….. u go out to have fun, don’t let anyone negativity put ur mood down….

i’m back!

i’m finally back yesterday….. too tired to post anything but the trip was great…. got sick & cough alot even today but it was fun…. i learned alot about myself….traveling alone can be good for other people but i personally think it’s more fun if u have someone to share with…. i met up with a couple of people throughout the trip but it was me alone on the bus getting to different part of the town & alone on the plane…. i want someone next to me i can put my head on….

there is nothing much to write about the trip aside from getting sick i had a blast….. better than the last trip i went last yr…. i’m excited to see what next year going to bring…..

Right Before..

Vacation is only a couple of days away and guess what?  my lovely sis went into my room on friday & did something to the wire that connect to the internet…. officially i no longer have access to internet just before the trip…. i got so much to do….it’s convenience to check in last-minute before i leave for the airport….now i can’t….. i had been on the phone with customer service for the past 3 days…. i really don’t want to be on the phone when i could be resting for my trip…. talk about bad timing….

i didn’t realize how useful internet is until i don’t have access to it…. i also didn’t realize how much i’m addicted to the internet….  i feel like i’m missing something and there’s nothing i could do to fix it…. same goes for phone…. i might not be using my phone constantly but if i don’t have my phone with me when i leave my house i can’t do anything right for the day…. no matter how late i’m i have to go back into my house and get my phone…. that’s what happen this morning…. i hope u guys handle better than i’m about not having access to the internet or phone….

“The Book …. E, P, L”

*There might be some spoilers from the book….i apologized if u haven’t read the book yet…  i need to write those spoilers out to write this blog*

As i mentioned in my earlier post i finally got a turn to read Eat, Pray, Love book from the library…. aside note—i really suggest people to borrow books or movies from library…. it’ll save u tons of money…. after i read the book once more than likely i would not be re reading them again…. the only time i remembered reading the books again was in college to make sure i got the fact right…. that was only because i know i have a test on Shakespeare….

anyways…. i had been reading E,P, L for about four or five days…. my god! i’m so bored…. yes, i understand she is going through so much in her life…. she sound so depressed…. it got me thinking— am i bored with the books because I’M NOT HAPPY with my life as well???? it’s like reading your own diary…. ok i’m not marry or divorced but everyone got their own issues and problems in life…. it’s just depress me more to read about someone else depression….

if u read my earlier posts u know i’m traveling soon and i was browsing through some articles online and i kept seeing travel agencies offering the journey the author went through…. Italy, India and Indonesia for discount prices…. they even mentioned how the number of tourists went up for some spots the author had visited…. it’s great people are visiting those locations but at the same times do u think u will find what she went through?  maybe u’ll find love who knows with the number of people heading the same directions as you but will u discover something about yourself?  she went those locations alone to learn more about culture, interact with people and trying to discover about herself…. (i’m only in the part she is in Italy)…. i can understand people are hopeful that if she can find happiness in life maybe i can too…. let me follow her footsteps…. i can’t guarantee u will or u will not find what u looking for but it might be a fun trips if u and ur friends go those trips together to bond….

i still haven’t finish the book yet…. it seem hard to pick up the book to read…. everyone is talking about how good the book is but i’m having hard time finishing the book…. maybe after my own trip i’ll have a chance to finish it….


Moi vacation is coming soonnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!  i can’t wait….. i still haven’t figure itinerary yet…. i kept going back and forth on which city/town i should visit first minus 6+ hrs one way just to get there…. it should be interesting…. will write all about it when i come back…

i kept thinking about the last trip i went…. awww it brings back a lot of the memories…. for the 1st time in my life i ended up staying in the red light districts without realizing it till at night time…. believe it or not the local person that live in the building recommend the place & booked the room…. thanks a lot!  i do gave one credit though it wasn’t the hostels we live that was going on those stuff…. the stuff was going on right above & below the floor and possibly another unit on the same floor as well… oh, (no need for that word in here lol)  did i forget to mentioned about slow disgusting elevator that i was on i was praying to God please let it be my stop & pls pls don’t let the elevator broke… getting into the building the scenes and images will always be in my memories…my childhood favorite Mickey mouse shall never be the same as well…. i can’t look at Mickey the same way i did when i was little…. i always want to go to Disney to meet all the Disney characters…. i do know one thing…. i will NEVER run up to Mickey & hug Mickey….

i did learn a lot about myself during that trip…. never ever go to a country where u don’t speak the language without doing research and never go with someone who u can’t depend on…. yea TWO most important lesson learned!  i seen those stuff on TV but first hand experiences it is different story….

this trip i’m more excited!  It’s up to me to figure out my way around the country…. it’s up to me when i’m hungry i’ll be eating…. it’s up to me if i want to stay at one location longer than the other one…. can’t wait!  i hope everything will go smoothly =)