Happy New Year!

yes i know…. it’s already into February…. it had been too long since i write anything partly because work had been hectic and i can’t seem to get into the site from work to write…..

let’s get to the topic of the day….. how long is too long?  yes…. let’s back up on the story… it had been going on for about over a month or two…. so there is this guy who said yea i like you…. i want to go out w/u….. then NEVER make an attempt to set a date or time to go out with me…. so let me ask u this question…. how long do you wait around for the guy to finally say let’s go out on X day?

once i got the message on Friday night was “what are you up to for the weekends?”  well my response “nothing much”  i left room for him to say yea lets go do this or that…. even cheap dinner would have been fine with me…. but you want to know what the response i got?  “yea so i’m doing this(…) on Saturday and on Sunday (…..) this….”  well all i can say was have fun….  but what i don’t understand and more confuse is i’m still getting i know i like you, etc… messages….

what even worse was i got another message the other day saying ” anything interesting going on tonight”  my response again was ” nothing much, just got some stuff done” then i got message with “well have a good night”

i simply don’t get this…. why do you need to know what i’m doing for the weekends or for the night if you have plans yourself already and have no plan on going out?  what i don’t get most is why am i still getting messages with i do have feeling for you….. yes that is why my post for today is how long is too long to wait for the guy?  well valentine day is just around the corner…. it’s not something that was going on for a week or two…. it is over a month…. my limit well if he doesn’t say anything by coming up weekends to go out then i’m out….  sometimes i don’t even get myself…. do i like him?  50/50….. he is definitely not someone who i would write off from the start and he does grow on me…. that is why i said 50/50….. he is definitely someone i would like to know more and see what happens next….

i love how my love life is beginning in 2011…. i hope your love life is going better than mine though….