i love writing here but unfortunately i can’t get into this site from my work…. so many topics the top of my head i want to write about but by the time i got home i can’t remember them at all…. i missed out on the weather, news….  i have no ideas what is going on with the world…. i can’t even see the window for crying out loud…. there could be rain, snow, sun outside and i wouldn’t have a clue….. time just passed by while i stared at my work computer screen…. can we have both have a little bit of life reading news or checking what is the weather will be like tomorrow while making sure all the work got done in time….. is that possible?  well unfortunately, the answer is no….. i’m so busy to the fact i should be glad it’s not time for me to stay more than 8 hrs a day…. what happen when the time come when i have to stay more than 8 hrs & not get pay for it…. will i be ok with it?  is that come with going up the ladder at the work place?  is that part of sacrificed?

i can’t even tell myself if i’m going up the ladder or not…. but in the long hull i’m not sure i like being stuck in the cubicle that is tall that i can’t even see a single person that passed by my desk…. without windows to look at outside or have time to check out the weather is that worth it….. yes i’m glad i’m doing a bit of challenging job but at the same time i can’t tell if that is what i want in the long run…. how does one know THIS is the company they want to retired?  how do they know if that is the career they want to be in?