what would you do IF….

-your current job is better than your last job but u know this is not the company you want to retired?

-you have coworker who ALWAYS say negative things about other coworkers & tell you not talk to them but very friendly toward them herself?

-you have coworker(the same one) who you know you can’t avoid talking to but felt like everything you said will get twisted and said back to the other coworkers & managers?

-you have to work overtime with NO PAID?

-you felt trap in the tall cubicle?

-you don’t hate your job yet but you felt like mentally tired because of your responsibility?

-you have no time to write your random thought on wordpress?

-you felt like some people in life seem like they’re nice but deep down you know in your heart they’re sabotaging you?


LIFE IS A BITCH isn’t it?