It had been so long since I actually write about my life. I can’t get into this site from my job. Yes I know. I m surprise myself it is happening as well. From day one i can’t get into the site. I miss writing. I miss discovering someone else blog. How can they be blocking sites? I can’t even read my daily news. Yes my favorite news site are not displaying correctly. None of the site are blocked as in you can’t type the site name. The format and font even picture are not displaying correctly. It mean goodbye news, goodbye writing. I read an article once & actually I think several people had pointed out to me that people are more productive if they have break between their work. That is one thing I miss about my old job. Not only I was working but I also discover alot about myself. Somehow i felt like I don’t know myself anymore. I can’t see the window, the cubicle are high = I m not going to know anyone here. Is this what I want in life? No window to look at. No news from outside world to read. My phone internet can only take me alittle. Not fast enough to know what is going on. The small screen can only provide limited information.

We all have to start our career somewhere right?