Today I finally realized I did make the right decision by quitting….. there is so much details involved but believe me people are leaving left and right here(not because they wanted to–i don’t know the whole details)….  In a way i think eventually I would have been let go instead I took a chance & said I’m quitting….

Believe me when I said it i felt like my voice was shaking…. i know myself…. the tone was my voice was nervous and still doubting myself did i make a right decision… Now I know…. I did make a right decision… I’m not sure it’s just me but I just read an article when is the time to let go of your job…. such a perfect timing to read the article…. either way…. last day…. Aidos!

Excited, Nervous, Scared—-that’s all i’m feeling right now but in a good way…. =)  Have a great weekends…..