I read someone quote the other day & i couldn’t better say so myself….

“Never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option”

it’s a good quote…. most of the time we might not realized we are their option or we might not want to admit we are the option for them….. perfect example would be the last post i wrote…. i don’t want a guy with a gf trying to stay in touch with me…. am i his option?  probably….. i don’t mean a guy with a gf can’t talk to me…. yes he can talk to me in public not message me afterward and asking how is my life?  to me that is shady…. why don’t u ask when i see u in public how is my life?  not asking questions & messaging me afterwards to me is a bit shady…. i’m sure he got better explanation…. i’m with my gf & i don’t want her to get the wrong ideas…. could it be that?  probably…. if that is the case then there is no need to send me message right?

the better scenario for the quote would be the man with a wife w/out his wedding ring (i mentioned in the last post)….. i personally think the wife is his priority (at least i hope so) all the other girls he was chatting with are his option…. would u want to be the girl (even if u r a guy reading this) do u want to be the person allowing yourself to be their option?  i know i don’t…. nobody deserves to be second…. nobody deserves to be a backup person just in case if there is small chance if their relationship with someone else didn’t work out….

what about priority people?  would you like it if the person you’re seeing already have someone on their mind?  backup option person?  i know i wouldn’t like it…. is that mean the person i’m seeing doesn’t like me fully?  probably whether they like to admit it or not…. there is no need to have the option or backup person u r secretly chatting with….. committed to the person you’re seeing and see where the relationship would take u…. if u r spending time or getting to know the option person than u r taking away ur time you could be spending with your priority person….

i could feel for both side….. i had been on both side….. u might think it’s better to be the priority person…. no it’s not true…. u r hurt as much as being the option person…. if there is a third option…. i would choose to be neither…. i had seen people with bf or gf who are fully committed to the person they are seeing… they would just greet and say hello to the opposite sex but never allowing themselves to lead them on…. unfortunately none of them was the person i was dating… i always end up seeing someone who want to have backup person or someone who like me but i’m their backup person….  some have luck in love & other don’t….. i have to say the past 2 yrs have shown me i’m the one without luck when it come to love…. hopefully it’ll change….