i had been reading this series of book where main character lives in Europe aka London…. now i’m crazy in love with Europe and want to see what life is like there…. call me crazy i’m now regretting not typing “Jobs in Europe” in my Google bar….. damn it….. but i do need to save some $ for myself if i happen to move there…. awww everything does work out in the end….

here is a little tip for anyone who is reading this….. definitely do research before u move to another country…. believe me even within the States different part of the States do thing differently…. it doesn’t hurt to know their habit and the way they do things….. another task u need to do is go visit the country first to see if u going to like living there….. i visited places other countries past 2 yrs…. i must say even with people raving about “this is amazing —- u can’t find this anywhere else”  even with all the positive reviews and their own personal experiences stories mine was different…. i love visiting but i know i wouldn’t like living there…. why bother moving to a country where u know u r not going to enjoy it…. it helps if u have a chance to visit the country first and see for yourself…. when u visit for u also have an ideas which neighborhood u want to live in….. finding a place where u feel comfortable is the main challenge if u r going to rent or find a roommate…..

anyways…. now i’m in this zone where i’m reading more about Europe and what is like living there….. one crazy adventure at a time…. have a fabulous weekend! =)