awww another rainy day….. those are the days when you wish you have someone to spend time with by the fireplace…. i don’t own fireplace or know anyone that own fireplace….. so for obvious reason i can’t spend my rainy day sitting by the fireplace and read books….. i will just have to sit at my desk and write one more post on the word press instead…. see positive attitude!

i can’t wait to get out of this job…. awww….. the more i look at it the more i’m glad i took the offer….. these day jobs are hard to come by…. people are looking everywhere…. some took them at least a year or so to find a job…. i know someone who graduate same times as i did still have hard time finding a job….. well it does help that she got rich daddy & mommy who help pay her bills…. even so i can see in her eyes she’ll take any good offer that will come her way….. life is full of surprises…. u might have luck in one area of your life but might be doing ok in the another area of your life which happen to be the area you wish you excel in…..forget about work related issues for this topic…. since i haven’t written much about love life i figure i could write one more post about love today….

let’s take this girl i know for example:  she is great…. she is not the person i would see every weekends or everyday but when i do see her we talked for a long time…. i would tell her about my love life…. it’s interesting to hear her feedback… i know she would tell me the answer i’m looking for whereas friends i hang out with mostly would tell me the answer they think they should say in this type of situation…. so i trust her answer…. i value her answers especially when it come to love….  she got more than one person in her life every time i met up with her…. she is experience in love than i would ever be….she would say u know how guilty i feel but i know it will not work out with this person….. she doesn’t want to let go either…. well i do give her credits…. the girl dated more guys than i would ever date…. she does have a gut to go on date with guys even though she know it’s not going to work out…. i guess in a way she got nothing to lose by going out to dinner…. she is right…. how would u know?  yes u know it’s not going to work out with this person but by going out on a dinner 1) you’re out of the house meaning u could run into someone u might like at the restaurant or on your way to the restaurant or even on your way back home…. i mean literally there is so many way you could have met another person not just for dating just meeting new people…. 2) the person you went out with could potentially set you up on date with someone else…. ok maybe not so much on the last part….. i’m just rambling…. but u got the point… just getting up and getting out of the house u could meet so many different people…. of course that was her case…. but for MOI…. nah…. why u ask?


with my luck…. i ran into my potential someone i actually like who got the ideas i’m on a date & i’m not interested in him….  back off….. barely talk to me when see me….. meanwhile while i was on the date with the guy i’m not feeling so much got the sense i’m not into him…. i felt guilty….. there are so many reasons but that is one good example why i decided not to go on a date with someone i’m not feeling….. there is chemistry…. there is spark when u meet someone…. u know u want to get to know better….. it doesn’t matter who is in the room all u want to do is talk to that person and wish the night haven’t end so quickly…. u hope he call u…. i had those feelings before…. i know right there and there that i’m into him…. if i don’t feel that way i wouldn’t bother with going to dinner…. i felt like i’m wasting his time…. he could be out with someone else who will like him…. i don’t want to string him along just so i can have a date on Friday night….

u want to knows second reasons?  for instance…. i know this guy who didn’t ask directly to go on date but he would randomly texted me and ask me to come out for a drink…. i declined about 2 times for drink…. another time to go out to see a show…. plus random text messages he sent me….even though i replied the text messages i never went out to meet with him by myself…. if i happen to see with a group of people i would greet and talk but that about it…. i guess he know i’m not into him…. yes i would love to hang out and grab a drink or go see a show if i didn’t get the vibe he likes me…. anyways…. recently he asked someone i know….. i’m happy for them… but i would never tell her he sort of come on to me first…. that is the reasons why i would never go out with someone i’m not that into…. why waste their time…. after declining or making an excuse for about four or five times they will get the hint and move on to another girl….. see good things come out from all this….

let it go if he/she is not the one…. someone else will get it but that is ok…. don’t keep someone who you know that it doesn’t belong to you….. because another person will let go of someone they know it’s not right for them so u could MEET him/her…. it’ll be YOUR! =)  happy rainy day…..