I haven’t written much about love life lately since there is nothing to write about…. i figure since i’m focusing on my career i should just write more on jobs or work related topics…..

Have you ever had  coworker/s or managers who want u to do something but they afraid of letting go of the project or task?  well i have….. they don’t want to do it even though it doesn’t make sense as to why they don’t want to do it themselves….. well let’s back up…. let’s say they want ABC task for you to do but they afraid of completely letting go of the project to be your…. they always want a hand on it…. that is the main problem in many workplace in my opinion….. people want to go up they want to move on and do better/bigger project but they are afraid of letting go of the small tasks…..

Disclaimer:  *I’m pointing out from my own experiences from my previous jobs and current jobs….I’m not saying it’s completely true in all the workplace*

They think if you do it you’ll learn more and eventually u will be competing with them or simply afraid if the bigger project didn’t work out for them they’ll at least have back up….. however way u look at it the more project are in your hand even though u are not actually doing anything your name will be on it = more $ bonus time?  i guess as time goes on you have to let go of some of the work you’re doing…. u have to trust another person that will do a good job on the project…. all about balancing…..