That was my answer to the job offer…. “YES”  i figure it’s good as anytime to quit and move on with my life…. i was hoping to get one week break between the job but it appears it’s not going to happen…. so goodbyes to catching up daytime tv and sleeping in late…..

When i was telling them i’m going to quit i felt like crying…. i don’t even know why…. i’m not going to lies to you i feel somehow attached to the office….. i think after working in the place for awhile, most people started to get attached to their desk, coworkers and they don’t want to move on to the another job…. they are afraid of unknown…. i’m one of them minus the coworkers…. i’m afraid of unknown work environment…. i’m afraid of getting in a position where i’m not enjoy in the long run…. i’m afraid of letting go of my current job in this economy…. at the same time i’m ready for new challenges…. i’m ready to make a commitment and i think it’s about time i find a career that i want to be in for the next 20 plus yrs….  i’m ready for the next chapter in my life =)

I read survey once that show people stay at their current position for different reasons…. one of the main reason is they like the coworkers they got…. it apparently make a huge different…. i spoke with one of the girls i known for a while and she mentioned to me the same thing…. she got a better position offered and she didn’t take it…. 1) she likes the coworkers she got now 2) she was used to the position and how everything work around the office therefore she doesn’t want to relearn everything again…. But ultimately i kept hearing what she said at the end…. she regretted it…. the new position was better paid with possibly could further her career…. i don’t want to be ME who is telling the story in the future…. there was one position i didn’t take as an intern when i was in college…. i regretted a little bit after a while but i did ended up working for unexpected company where most people wouldn’t get a chance at the end…. so everything work out for me…. but part of me always know i would like to have that company name in my resume and now i would never get a chance…..

i guess life is about taking chances…. i don’t know when is the time to take it…. believe it or not before i made that call to say yes to them i took out a piece of paper…. i rip a little bit at the end to 2 pieces…. i wrote down YES  & NO on the separate pieces….. i folded them…. i mixed both of them together…. at the end i picked out one and it said “YES.”