Is it worth it?  i can’t make decision…. i’m looking at both pro and con…. i must admit i don’t have that experience in salary negotiation…. i did however asked my mother opinion…. she doesn’t like the ideas of me working late plus possibly weekends…. during busy season in a yr i’m looking at 5-6months (give or take half the yr) out of a calendar i might be working 65 hrs plus….. if my math is right during those period i’ll be making less than i’m making right now…..

so today was the day i’m supposed to give them the answer…. don’t they usually let u think at least a 2 or 3 days?  anyways…. i asked for a little more $ just to feel like i’m not earning above minimal wage during crazy busy time but nope they are not going to… they’re not moving the salary up…. what are you supposed to do in this case when they said no and u have to answer by the end of the day?  i don’t know…. i did ask till Monday just to think it over the weekend…. everything seems so rush and fast… i need time to think….. am i wrong?  maybe…. got a call yesterday and i’m supposed to give the answer by today…. call again today and i’m supposed to make decision by the end of the day…. they did say if i’m going to think over the weekend and tell them by Monday they’ll continue with the search…. what am i supposed to say?  all i can say is ok….

i’m definitely lack in negotiation skills aren’t i?  i’m not sure which one i’m afraid more  not getting enough pay or not having a life?  i think a little bit of both is part of it….  i don’t think i ever wrote about this but while i was in college (sophomore yr) i got an internship job…. well let’s not mentioned about getting cheat out of the pay (more discussion for another day topic on that)…. the place was hectic…. overtime become mandatory and all the employees knew it…. so i did overtime…. i didn’t mind because there is TIME AND HALF pay….. most people did overtime…. it’s sort of good feeling…. remember if u happen to work while u r young i’m sure u know if u work on Sunday u got time and half pay while u do the same work…. i love getting just even extra 2 or 3 $ to spend…. of course i was exhausted….. that was the only months where i didn’t spend any $ i made…. haha…. that was once and only time…. i was exhausted after work i didn’t go anywhere… i work on Sat…. my only day off was on Sunday…. the last thing i want to do was go out… i just want to sleep…. those time i believe i only work about 55hrs…. i was done after a month… i couldn’t… i was tired but i know it’s temporary only so i kept going…. at the end i did have extra a couple bucks to spend at the same time i ended up in hospital (different issues)… but i always knew it all started because i was exhausted and wasn’t getting enough sleep… all i do is work then home….  i’m afraid of repeat…. even if they were to give me some extra buck i would have taken it right there and then…. but the answer was no…. if i’m having hard time negotiating right now will i have hard time in the future…. what about going back to school?  i can’t do it…. summer time?

awww!!!!! is life supposed to be this hard….. i just want to have a sign saying take it u won’t regret it….. where is the sign?

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