Finally i got an offer for a job…. yay!!!!!!!!!  here’s  a problem…. the pay is not what i wanted…. its way lower but just a little (i mean literally 1%?) higher than my current job salary….. i felt some how attached to my current job…. my final decision have to be made by tomorrow afternoon…..  usually people feel strongly, happy when they got the job offer…. i’m happy…. i couldn’t stop smiling when they called but as soon as i heard how much they’re paying me my smile went away….

Tell you the truth…. i don’t like this job

1) i’m not learning anything

2) there is no interaction with people i work with

3) the position i’m currently in will not give me a chance to move up the ladder

4) i don’t have pay vacation, sick or holiday but even with all that aside there are some perk….

1) i don’t have to work overtime – i can get out when the sun is till a little bit out….. yes the sun does wait for me once in a blue moon…. hey, i’ll take the little sunshine whenever i can…..

2)  i’m so use to my desk, my computer, my printer – this become my 2nd home

3)  i can leave a bit early – the hrs are flexible as long as i stay later or come in early the next day to make up for it….

4) i can have a LIFE…. yes, as a single gal i want to go out when i’m young…. i don’t want to be exhausted when i leave from work and having to work early morning the following day plus working during weekends is going to age me sooner than i want…..

5) i can take random classes or go to random events that are in my area if i get out by 5…. which all tied back to having a life

6) lastly…. i’ll not be able to post anything up here anymore =/ yes those of you (very small %) of you who read my post i’m sad to say it’ll be impossible for me to write….

Do i not want to moved up from my job?  YES

Do i not want to have better title?  YES

Is that going to be worth it?  I don’t know… that is the problem…. i’ll only get pay a little bit more only in certain months since it’ll be busy most of the time i’ll have to work 75 plus hrs per week…. which mean even with my terrible math skills i’ll be earning $ amount i made when i was in HS……they don’t pay overtime….

Do i want my current position if they offer me permanent position?  I don’t know…. i want it if i can move up a little but there is no room…. there is no place to move up not like the job offer i’m getting….Utimately,  i guess i don’t want it….

This get me thinking what i really want in a job?  i don’t know about which fields i want in but here is what i just realized i want….

1) have a LIFE (this is my main priority) after thinking about it…. it does make a different for me…. i’m young i want to have a life… i want to be able to go out and have a dinner with friends or just go out at normal decent hours….

2) definitely good pay —paying too much $ to go to college and not using degree i got from college is definitely not worth it for me right now….

3) a chance to get promoted— we’re all human… we want to see ourself have a better life, better future right?
This job right now… i got # 1….. i’m glad…. i’m missing #2 and #3

The job offer i got… i’ll have #3…. hopefully #2 in about 3 or 4 yrs… but #1 is missing…. i know i’ll never get #1….

what should i do? awwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

p.s.  what i’m afraid of is i know a couple of women i mean literally in their 40 now with an awesome job but there is something missing in their life…. Love one… they were too busy working at my age by the time they are at the level of the career they want there is very small pool of people left they could meet…. even now they are busy…. all their friends have their significant other now and they are now looking for people to hang out with…. i love them… i like to hang out with them… i don’t mind the age gap… there is always something u can learn from each other no matter what age u are… but i’m scared… will i be one of them eventually?  let’s hope NOT!  cross my fingers…