No matter how much i complained about my life i do have to admit i love my life!  Remember recently i went to visit a friend of mine who live in another country?  well…. i know her forever and i always admire her life…. her house, her family and when i was young i wish i could live that life too…. She moved since then to another country (a better opportunities in the current country she lives in) even so i have to admit i DON’T want her life…. for once i can see she admires my life…. i have more experience in life than she does…. i can see her looking and asking about this and that advices….

Grass is not always GREENER on the other side…. the only way to know for sure is get on that side and see for yourself…..  for once i started to see both her strength and weakness…. i never look at her weakness before i always ended up looking at her fortunate and not realizing my own luck and fortunate…..  i’m indeed LUCKY =)