Monday morning and it’s dark outside…. if it’s going to rain please let it rain already…. i bought this snow/rain boot whatever the term for this particular boot is supposed to be call last year….. guess what?  the back of my feet hurt like hell…. i have blisters already…. i need non fashionable sock that go up to my knee to wear with this boot….. as always i never keep my matching socks together & i was rushing this morning….. i can grab only ankle socks and my feet is now punishing me for not being organized….

i hate it when the weather is cold…. i’m not one of those people who look good no matter what season is outside….. i do need a little sun so my face look like i’m still alive & happy…. aside from hating cold weather i hate it even more when it rain…. i can’t wake up when it rain = i’m running late = i don’t have time to put my yoga clothes plus sneaker into my gym bag = i miss out on going to my yoga class….. after paying significant amount i hate not taking advantage of it and trying to go to class….. even going to the yoga class to release stress i feel the need to look good….is it just me?  depending on which class time/day i attend i’ll see variety age group…. working at the dead-end job with little $ to spend after paying bills i ended up signing up for a place where age group 45 & up go to…..  i didn’t mind at all….. i’m there to do yoga…. but i see other girls who come to run etc…. they all have full face makeup on….. that’s what i mean by looking good…. i guess u feel good when u have makeup on and u feel even better if the other people think u looks good…. i don’t have energy to put makeup on just to do my yoga instead i just refresh my face with powder so i look at least presentable in my yoga class…. haha….