I had an interesting conversation with someone i work with about having older vs. younger boss…. how do u feel about it personally?  What if you’re older than your boss are you ok with someone who is about the same age as your son or daughter telling you do this or that?  or what if the situation is vice visa?

I think when people look at CEO, CFO, VP etc…. they see someone in their 50 or 60 images but these days u might have VP who is only in their late 20 or early 30…. are we not adjust to having younger people managing workplace?  i don’t know…. i never have anyone who is younger than me have higher position than i’m so i’m not sure how i personally feel about it…. i had a manager who was about 2 or 3 yrs older than i’m & i felt like he can relate to me more than someone who is 20 yrs older than i’m….. at the same time at my very 1st job i had people who got promoted to be a “team leader” or whatever  the term they use who are about same age as me have an attitude…. they think they’re better since they become team leader and in a obvious way they tend to favor their close friends they hang out with…. that is another thing having your old friends work at the same place as you is disaster…..

i personally think everyone response differently toward different management style…. as a manager whether you’re older or younger you need to figure out what work for each individual person in your group….. Person A might response better if you mange in X style but Person B might not response well…. as long as you have an ideas what work for them it might make your life easier as well…..