i recently read an article (actually just now) that mentioned how it’s good to stay in touch in your friend’s life…. u don’t want to overly involved too much in the boyfriends or girlfriends life…. i think it’s true…. u need to have your own life…. u need to have someone who understand you and give you suggestions with your love life…. who is better than your own friends?

i don’t know about your friends but i do have a couple of friends that disappear as soon as they started seeing someone…. i’m speaking from my own experiences…. i can understand the first a couple of weeks when u start seeing someone u r in the zone of awww he or she is so amazing that i just want to spend every second making out with the person zone…. after a while u do need a break to explore and have ur own life…. u don’t want to be in the situation where the only time u have time for yourself or your friends is when your significant other is out with friends…. u have to have ur own schedule when u want to catch rerun of episodes u missed on tv….. u want to have ur own day where u r meeting and catching up with ur friends on their life & ur life….

i know a couple of my friend tend to disappear when they’re seeing someone…. disappear as in not the first a couple of weeks…. disappear as in u never seen them anymore till their relationship ended and they need a shoulder to cry or someone to vent on how the whole relationship turned out….. it always with this one particular friend…. when she is not seeing someone she always asking what am i doing and whether if i want to do anything…. she expected me to invited her any parties or dinner i’m attending…. i do invite her but wait till she see someone the only time she is contacting me is when she need help with something…. don’t even ask if she is free for lunch or dinner…. the only msg i will get back from her is i’ll let u know when i’m free and that was about 2 weeks ago…. i have a feeling soon she will be up in my face again asking if i’m free….. let’s just say it’s a gut feeling….

my point is u don’t want to not have a life just because ur friends are with someone…. u want to have your own life…. yes it’s suck to be a third wheels…. go out to networking events and try to meet different people…. i’m not saying choose only to speak with guy…. no speak with both gender…. u could end up meeting an amazing friends….u don’t want to involved too much in only one particular group of friends you hang out with…. u want to go out and try to meet other people…. there’s tons of interesting people where u live….. i recently went to one particular events and i met tons of nice people who i think are great….. i’m actually having girls night out with a couple of them soon….