School is back in session for those of you who are still in school….. as much as i hate to admit it i do miss school…. i miss the excitement of who is going to be in my classes….. i miss meeting new people and just day dreaming in class…. what i don’t miss is HOMEWORK!  i’m sure u can agree with me on this one….

i don’t know about u but i remember when i first come here i was shy and trying to fit in at school…. back then GAP hoodies sweater were popular….  i think it’s somewhere around 50 bucks…. i want it so badly…. especially gray one cuz everyone is wearing them…. i figure if i have one of those hoodies sweater no one will see what i wear underneath…. that would solve my hand me down clothes problem….  i can only dream…. i never got mine…. now i’m looking around & i notice GAP hoodies sweater i wanted so badly is no longer popular…. it’s all about North Face fleece jacket…. which is about over 100 bucks…. being an adult with full-time job i still can’t find myself to spend that much money on fleece jacket…. i do see many of the high school even middle school kids wearing them…. that got me thinking…. if u happen to be wearing GAP hoodies sweater these day to school u r probably consider not fashionable….. it’s all about North Face these day….  time change…. nothing got cheaper…. by the time i have kids it’s probably another brand name that will be popular….. all the kids in school will/want to have one…. will cost me over 200 just to buy one item….  SUPPLY & DEMAND….