As usual i took a walk during lunch time just to clear my head and pick up some food…. as i was trying to cross the intersection some random man came right in front of me try to speak another language…. he scared me…. first of all never ever just walk up to a person face especially when the person is in the middle of a crossroad…. second of all I’m in the area where people speak same language as him and i don’t even look like them…. therefore whatever he was trying to say to me i wouldn’t be able to help….. i do know for a fact he wasn’t asking for direction…. could it be $?  either way i had seem him before around the area and he had done similar thing to me…. all of a sudden randomly just stop in front of my face and try to speak to me…. i could understand if someone trying to ask direction in another languages…. believe me i had helped before…. with giving them direction using my hand to show left/right etc…. if they look harmless i even walk with them close to direction they were trying to go…. i had travel before and i understand for someone new to the location visiting or settling into the city it might be hard for them at first…. but this is different story…. he was literally up in my face and he gave me weird vibe…. it’s hard to write in words but it’s one of those feeling u got when u know u r in danger…. well the first time it happen i can’t remember if i was in the crossroad…. i don’t think it was otherwise i would have remember it…. but i do remember his face…. i hang out with different diverse group to pick up the language here and there…. i think he was trying to say “do i speak X language?”  but why me? i was in X town so u turned left or right u would see someone that speak same language as him….  they could easily help him….

anyways long story short…. i picked up my lunch and i figure i might as well take another direction to go back to the office…. i literally want to avoid the area i was in…. wrong!  another crossroad…. i saw him crossing my direction i was going to cross…. i literally look straight and trying to cross the road… midway through same thing… he was no where walking opposite side of me…. he was literally tried to walk up to the left side where i was trying to cross the road come up to my face & tried to talk to me again…. grrr!  It pissed me off cuz he scared me… i was in the middle of the road again and even though there’s a lot of people in the area where i could scream for help if needed i felt unsafe as soon as i see his face…. i felt like he was going to attack me or trying to pull me…. DON’T EVER WALK UP FAST TO A PERSON FACE AND STOP AND STARE!  u just don’t….  anyways…. i just kept walking…. i remember the first time i met him even though he gave me weird creepy vibe i managed to say “i’m sorry i don’t understand”  this time twice no, no point in saying this…. same person twice…. i don’t think so…. yes i know if u r one of the readers reading this u might say it’s no big deal…. believe me he looks like somewhat well dress person but it’s the vibe and the feeling i got from him that scared me…. the weird thing is there are literally so many people who i know for a fact speak the same language as him why don’t he ask them?  i was near them…. he could easily approach them and ask them…. i had numerous people telling me i look like this or that nationally where i live and when i was traveling…. but never ever people tell me i look like nationally the language the man was speaking…. whenever i say don’t i look like X nationally since all my familiar look like it?  they would say sort of but not really….

You know economy is doing bad whenever you’re reading newspaper or from a word of mouth u hear someone got mugged or this and that…. even the safe area i live is now considered not so safe with recent mugging…. i hope whatever u guys live be safe and always paying attention of your surrounding….