This is one of those days i just want to crawl back to bed and catch up on movies…. i haven’t update for awhile here but i feel like i seriously need to clean up my act and start looking for a new job or activity to do…. i did have an interesting weekends…. i talked to one of the classmates from college…. we’re not friends but we managed to catch up every 2 months or so…. which is good & that is how i like it to be….

maybe the whole not being friends and not seeing each other too much might be the reason why i like to tell her about my love life…. that’s all we talked about….. usually she got some interesting stories to tell…. she is definitely a player and i thought it might be good to hear the player side of the story about my love life…. i want her opinion…. i usually gave her suggestions or my opinion when she talked about her love life…. i told her a brief summary of what happen….

Her take…..

he is definitely playing me…. just let it go…. don’t answer him…. it’s good to hear from a player that he is playing…. i guess player can spot another player…. do i not know before she tell me he’s playing me?  yes i do…. but when i don’t see him i’m ok…. i might be venting and writing about him here but i’m ok…. but if i happen to see him all my feeling come rushing back…. i feel the need to be in the same side of the room with him…. i wonder if he see me…. i feel the need to talk to some random good looking guy so he’ll notice me…. it’s all stupid…. cuz no matter how close he is with me when talking or tried to hold my hands or hug me at the end of the day he is with his gf…. she did make a good points…. as of today…. i will NOT be writing about him EVER AGAIN…. if i write about him meaning i still having feeling for him or thinking about him at least…. i shouldn’t be doing this at all…. if i do write about him please message me and tell me to stop writing about him…. other than that…. have an awesome day! =)