There was an article i read recently about a guy who broke off his engagement to his fiance…. Reason?  Well he didn’t realized how much debt she is in (student loans)…. if i recall it’s about $ 170K  which is alot…. she didn’t realized she was in that much debt either…. i believe she thought it’s just $100K she kept paying them every month and doesn’t know about the exact figure amount she own….

i can understand both sides of the story…. i myself have student loans but it’s no where near amount she own…. thanks god! =)  depending on your major you pursue u may graduate with more debt than other students….if u ask me now how much do u own?  i can answer u the ballpark amount i think i own…. i know the amount at one point but it’s too depressing to have that figure in your head…. i pay every months and i’m not in other debt expect for student loans…. so in a way i can understand when she said i don’t want to deal with the exact figure amount… she thought she own less but it turned out to be false…. when you kept paying every month  & the significant $ amount of your paycheck goes into paying the student loans every month you’ll start to think u own less but u r not…. problem…. INTEREST RATES!  anyways without going into further i can understand from her side….

let’s look at his side…. he felt betray she didn’t mentioned the right amount she own…. marriage is hard as it is without adding financial problems into the mix…. i can understand him not wanting to enter into the marriage with this huge amount of debt she need to pay off…. if u think long run how else are they going to buy a house?  kids future?  vacation?  medical bills?  unknown bills?  her debt alone is about $170 K  that is alot to pay off…. the article didn’t mentioned how he found out but he should have do his homework before getting down on knee to purpose….

Like i said i can understand both sides of the story…. even student loans debt i myself don’t want to marry someone with that much debt to begin with….