I thought i write one more post since i had been slacking and not writing much lately…. this past weekend i was talking with someone about relationship and she mentioned how she is not meeting anyone as well…. there is only so many people u can meet through friends or friends of friends and at one point u met everyone in the circles of friends u hang out with…. u know none of them can hook you up with anyone else…..then u r back to square one…. who do u turn for help to help u set up?  she mentioned about how she is tempted to try online dating…. just from the way she is speaking she is going to try sign up on online dating…. i was surprise…. i look as her as confidence and pretty woman…. i always thought she wouldn’t have trouble find boyfriend….. as we talked further i realized it doesn’t matter how i see the other girls whether i think they look like good or average…. we all go through the same thing when it comes to relationship…. we all have our own trouble…. u have to meet the bad one to appreciate the good ones…. but where do we find the good one?  ONLINE?

aside from the fact that i was surprise she is going to try online dating…. i was surprise numbers of people who are trying and finding their love one there…. will i find it?  i had this talk with someone else a couple of month ago…. i asked her would she try it?  (the topic come up after she mentioned one of her close friends is dating someone she met through online & they are serious) anyways back to the story…. she said no…. i said no as well… my reason is i’m afraid i’ll run into someone i know through online….i don’t want anyone else i know going through the same dating site as i’m and seeing my profile online…. i’m ok with them being there but i’m not ok with them seeing me there…. is that even make sense?  in a way as much as i hate to admit it i don’t want them to think i can’t find one on my own that i had to come online to meet other strangers to see if there is possibility…. let’s just keep the last part between u and me shall we?

don’t get me wrong i know numerous people had met their significant others through online and it work for them…. i know myself…. i know my luck…. let’s say there are some matches and i have a feeling i would somehow meet some creepy stalker instead of the nice one like other meet…. haha…. aside from that perhaps a yr or two ago someone mentioned how he know one of the mutual girl we both know is on the online dating site…. he made it sound like she is desperately looking for it(the tone he was using)…. how did he know?  well he is looking through online profile as well…. since then i know…. i know i may not have know who is online dating site but there’s huge possibility someone i know will see me online if i ever sign up…. for now I’ll not be typing “online dating” on google…. have a fabulous weekend…