awww…. i miss how excited i was about traveling and i don’t need to worry about any new job posting on the web…. all i was doing was searching for was activities to do while i was in another countries…. now i’m back…. instead of typing in “things to do in X” i’m typing “jobs in X”

winter is coming soon…. i can smell the cold air this morning…. i hate to admit it but i hate winter…. whether if i want to hang out with someone or not in the summer i’ll just sit outside & read book…. but in winter u can’t do that…. i’ll freeze to death…. instead u ended up at home more than u need to be…. i’m putting on to do list for every day to keep myself busy from thinking about someone…. it would have been more helpful if i work at more challenging job where i need to use my brain more that way i won’t have time to think about him…. but instead i’m at the job where i don’t need to use my brain…. my very 1st job at grocery store i even have to use my brain to count the money…. now after paying mucho dinero for college i’m at the job where i don’t need to use my brain…. talk about going far in life….

i decided to apply at least 2 jobs i’m interested in every day…. whether it’s the location i want to be commuting or not i’m still applying them….