i haven’t write anything new & exciting post lately….. the only explanation was i was heart broken…. yes i thought u only get broken heart once in a life time…. but with me i guess there seem to be no limit….

remember the guy that i was having hard time getting over?  well….i run into him again…. i’m sad that i run into him again…. all my emotions come rushing back….. we actually talked & i thought if i talked to him maybe perhaps i will finally get closure…. but it didn’t happen that way…. let’s just say he was over me =*(  just the way he talked about a lot of things…. as far as i know there was immediately after it was over he was seeing someone…. after that was over…. there was someone else that was involved…. the second someone i sort of figure out already…. but apparently he denied ever having feeling for  the second person…. i heard different story straight from the person…. so i’m not sure who is telling me the truth…. the girl never use they were in relationship but she did admit she thinks he likes her…. his answer “NO”  but i have a feeling the girl was telling me the truth…. well i don’t know who else is between after or before the 2nd person…. but as far as i know there is someone in his life who he officially called “Girlfriend”

i think i’m more crushed that he used the title “girlfriend”  he never used the title with me…. what i can’t get is why is he acting like he still like me?  he would hug me, touch my arm, and come really close to my face almost like if i leaned just a bit closer i’ll be touching his lips…. i told him after he asked me if he could give me a hug i wouldn’t want my bf to be hugging another girl…. he backed off alittle bit but not even after 5 mins he would just hug me…. as much as i hate to admit it…. part of me always want him to like me…. i know it’s not going to happen….

the hug and being close to me come after he told me he wouldn’t mind hooking me up with one of his friends…. would u hook up for someone who u still have feeling for?  my answer will be a NO!  there were other things he said that is obiviously showing he have no interest in me…. but later on with the hug & trying to touch my hand especially being really close to me i thought there is small chance he might still have a little feeling for me…. could he be playing again?  well the answer is YES!  at the end he is still with his gf…. i’m alone….