i must say almost always when one of my friends start dating they tend to disappear…. u don’t hear a word from them until when their significant other & they got into a fight and they need someone to vent…. then u will hear what had happening on their life the past X amount of months….

i guess it’s common…. i can’t blame them but if i recalled almost always when i’m dating i always see my friends…. i never disappear i guarantee u that…. is that mean do i already know something is going to go wrong that i know i can’t cut people off from my life completely if the person i’m seeing and i’m done?  i don’t know about you but even so called “friends” i have i felt uncomfortable telling them about my love life…. not many people know about this guy…. i think maybe 2?  they sort of know i’m heart broken but they don’t know the details i’m writing on the blog…. i guess part of me know what they will say when i tell them…. do u know see this guy is playing you?  u r wasting your time?  worse i know some friends who will say well, it happens and brush it off…. then turned around and tell people i don’t know well enough to call them friends but know them enough this will get spread faster than wild fires…..