This is gonna be the last post before I head out for my trip. There is always something going on with my life. U want to know? Thing went sour right around lunch time. I went out to get some last minutes items before the trip. I realized I didn’t have any cash with me since I used up for the bus this morning. I stopped at the atm that was near n as soon as I put in the card I realized something wrong with the machine. It kept making loud noises as the cash is about to come out but it didn’t. After waiting for a bit longer I knew it is not going to work. The cash is not coming out n so is the card. Finally iIwent inside the bank to let the teller know while I have no clues if the cash already out or not n hoping it haven’t. just the way the bank was set up I can’t see the atm right outside. The story is going to have to contiue after I come back. It’s hard to type on the phone. Hope u come back to check in 2 weeks n read about my crazy adventure….. I hope u guys have a wonderful week.