Vacation is only a couple of days away and guess what?  my lovely sis went into my room on friday & did something to the wire that connect to the internet…. officially i no longer have access to internet just before the trip…. i got so much to do….it’s convenience to check in last-minute before i leave for the airport….now i can’t….. i had been on the phone with customer service for the past 3 days…. i really don’t want to be on the phone when i could be resting for my trip…. talk about bad timing….

i didn’t realize how useful internet is until i don’t have access to it…. i also didn’t realize how much i’m addicted to the internet….  i feel like i’m missing something and there’s nothing i could do to fix it…. same goes for phone…. i might not be using my phone constantly but if i don’t have my phone with me when i leave my house i can’t do anything right for the day…. no matter how late i’m i have to go back into my house and get my phone…. that’s what happen this morning…. i hope u guys handle better than i’m about not having access to the internet or phone….