i thought i write one more post today since i’ll be traveling soon & will not be writing anything for 2 weeks…. r u going to miss me????? =)

Being a good friend as i’m =) i decided to buy a few more items to give to my friends  when i visited them… i went out to this chocolate boutique store (my go to store for birthday gifts) this past weekends…. well internet is not working & i felt lost without it…..i figure i need to take my mind off from it… even though most weekends i’m not online…. i like to know i have access to the internet even when i’m not using it…. let’s get back to the chocolate store…. i usually buy alot from this boutique mostly for birthday gifts…. i hate buying jewelery, clothes or something sentimental for the people i don’t know well…. i’m friends with them but not close enough to be buying jewelery…. but it doesn’t mean the chocolate store is cheap…. i rarely buy anything to eat from there except once…. it was chocolate bar it happen to be on sale but still it cost me over $4….  i was hoping the people who got those chocolates from me will be sharing some to me…. well let’s just say i didn’t have a chance to taste a bite from any of them…. all those liquor fill chocolate….cigar looking one… all those expensive nuts inside the chocolate… nada… i didn’t have a chance to taste any of them…. we’re in recession after all…. i guess i could understand not willing to share & i myself couldn’t bare to buy it for myself….

anyways…. i picked 2 of the great looking box fill with chocolates for my friends…. i figure i would treat myself considering internet is not working…. talking to the rep on the phone for 3 days straight will add more gray hairs…. after all i heard chocolate are good for you…. i’m hoping by eating chocolate the gray hairs that is supposed to appear will DISAPPEAR…. well it didnt’ turn out that way unfortunately…. i picked up the chocolate that caught my eyes—-love fortune cookies covered with chocolate…. i also saw 50% off stickers too…. i thought it was a great deal…. i was over joy that i finally got a chance to taste another chocolate from this store & i didn’t look at the receipt when the cashier hand it to me till i was at the train station…. waiting for the train in an awkward silence i want to read something…. there’s nothing to read anywhere & i reached for my receipt…. lol… there it’s FULL PRICE! WTH?  6 pieces of fortune cookies for 8 bucks?  i don’t think so… i went back to the store (only 5 mins walk)…. i went to check the price first just to be sure…. yep i’m right it’s 50% off…. i told the cashier i want to return it, i thought it was supposed to be on sale but it rang up full price… her first response was no u can’t return it since it’s food items…. um ok…. i just bought it 5 mins ago & it’s still in the package… i haven’t rip the top plastic layer off…. my immediate response was i didn’t know u can’t return it…. i had bought so many items from here…. but through different cashiers…. i asked again isn’t supposed to be on sale her response nope without even checking the sign they put up… the store is smaller than the size of the bathroom at my work…. no kidding… so small….u can’t even shop if there is 2 or 3 more people in the store before you…. too frustrated over internet as it’s i didn’t want to deal with the cashier anymore…. she did mentioned if i come in next time she’ll give me discount on something…. ummmm my thoughts—- how would u remember me?  do i have to remind u “hey i’m the girl who u rang up last time & over charged me”  the store is expensive as it’s except for special occasions i would not be shopping in the store….it definitely leave bad TASTE  in my mouth about the store without even tasting the fortune cookies….those cookies better be the BEST TASTING fortune cookies i ever eat in my life….

p.s. at the back of the box there is tiny sticker with expiration date on 8/21/10… GREAT!