it had been crazy day at work but i figure i go out and buy something to eat & walk around a little bit to grab free magazines from the stand so i have at least something to read at my desk….. i don’t want to be staring at the computer while i’m eating lunch…. so i was flipping the magazine and my eyes caught the picture at the corner of the magazine…. it was more like one particular person…. it was HIM! yea the person i had been writing about in my previous posts…. i was surprise…. never in a million i thought i will see his picture…. i felt alittle sad part of the reason was i finally know who he is dating now….. the pic was with a bunch of people but there was one girl in the picture that i remember correctly who wrote about how his profile pic should had been better if she wasn’t cut out from it (you have to read other post)…. his hand was near her arm…. that moment after looking at the picture second time my heart sank….. i thought i was over…. i feel like i’m over from him but i kept seeing things that remind me of him… the book…. now the picture…. among other things…. i think i’m sad the fact that i was never out with his friends…. never adventure out with his friends….

i don’t know for the fact that he is dating her but i have to go with my gut feelings and say “YES” i can’t tell from the picture whether they’re her friends or his friends but again my gut feeling is saying his friends or at least mutual friends….. it’s sad to see the picture….  no matter how i look at the picture she is not his gf & nothing going on…. she is the gf of someone or she is nobody gf…. aside from whether or not something is going on between them plain and simple it’s sad just to see his face again….