*There might be some spoilers from the book….i apologized if u haven’t read the book yet…  i need to write those spoilers out to write this blog*

As i mentioned in my earlier post i finally got a turn to read Eat, Pray, Love book from the library…. aside note—i really suggest people to borrow books or movies from library…. it’ll save u tons of money…. after i read the book once more than likely i would not be re reading them again…. the only time i remembered reading the books again was in college to make sure i got the fact right…. that was only because i know i have a test on Shakespeare….

anyways…. i had been reading E,P, L for about four or five days…. my god! i’m so bored…. yes, i understand she is going through so much in her life…. she sound so depressed…. it got me thinking— am i bored with the books because I’M NOT HAPPY with my life as well???? it’s like reading your own diary…. ok i’m not marry or divorced but everyone got their own issues and problems in life…. it’s just depress me more to read about someone else depression….

if u read my earlier posts u know i’m traveling soon and i was browsing through some articles online and i kept seeing travel agencies offering the journey the author went through…. Italy, India and Indonesia for discount prices…. they even mentioned how the number of tourists went up for some spots the author had visited…. it’s great people are visiting those locations but at the same times do u think u will find what she went through?  maybe u’ll find love who knows with the number of people heading the same directions as you but will u discover something about yourself?  she went those locations alone to learn more about culture, interact with people and trying to discover about herself…. (i’m only in the part she is in Italy)…. i can understand people are hopeful that if she can find happiness in life maybe i can too…. let me follow her footsteps…. i can’t guarantee u will or u will not find what u looking for but it might be a fun trips if u and ur friends go those trips together to bond….

i still haven’t finish the book yet…. it seem hard to pick up the book to read…. everyone is talking about how good the book is but i’m having hard time finishing the book…. maybe after my own trip i’ll have a chance to finish it….