vacation is coming soon…. one of the coworkers is being smart and started going through her files…. right before my vacation (still don’t know who is covering my work their own work yet) giving me stuff that she should have done herself awhile ago but she never did them… how did i know?  well the info. page was dated back in January 2010…. umm… it’s August 2010 already…. why all the rush now to send it?  i let her know about this…. this is going to be such a pain in the ass if i were to send that info…. she said that’s ok…. if they have questions they can come to me…. well it’s going to be hard for them to come to you since i’m the one who is sending them out so it only make sense that they come to me with the questions…. even if they have questions i’m going to my vacation soon…. how will they get their answers?  i can put her contact in but still this is ridiculous…. arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! people!  thanks a lot…..

p.s. did i forget to mentioned there is about 20 + plus Co.  i need to send info out and she doesn’t have 95% of the contact…. i’ll be the one who is looking up the info…. don’t i have the best JOB?