Moi vacation is coming soonnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!  i can’t wait….. i still haven’t figure itinerary yet…. i kept going back and forth on which city/town i should visit first minus 6+ hrs one way just to get there…. it should be interesting…. will write all about it when i come back…

i kept thinking about the last trip i went…. awww it brings back a lot of the memories…. for the 1st time in my life i ended up staying in the red light districts without realizing it till at night time…. believe it or not the local person that live in the building recommend the place & booked the room…. thanks a lot!  i do gave one credit though it wasn’t the hostels we live that was going on those stuff…. the stuff was going on right above & below the floor and possibly another unit on the same floor as well… oh, (no need for that word in here lol)  did i forget to mentioned about slow disgusting elevator that i was on i was praying to God please let it be my stop & pls pls don’t let the elevator broke… getting into the building the scenes and images will always be in my memories…my childhood favorite Mickey mouse shall never be the same as well…. i can’t look at Mickey the same way i did when i was little…. i always want to go to Disney to meet all the Disney characters…. i do know one thing…. i will NEVER run up to Mickey & hug Mickey….

i did learn a lot about myself during that trip…. never ever go to a country where u don’t speak the language without doing research and never go with someone who u can’t depend on…. yea TWO most important lesson learned!  i seen those stuff on TV but first hand experiences it is different story….

this trip i’m more excited!  It’s up to me to figure out my way around the country…. it’s up to me when i’m hungry i’ll be eating…. it’s up to me if i want to stay at one location longer than the other one…. can’t wait!  i hope everything will go smoothly =)