The highlight of my day today is finding a skirt that was $ 5 bucks… yea….  that only meaning one thing my life must be suck…. barely had 15 mins left after finishing lunch…. 30 mins lunch break = moi,  1 hrs lunch break = everyone else in the office except for me….i figure why not let me just walk outside a bit to get some fresh air…. for once it will be nice not to look at computer screen…. everyone seems to have the time to go to gym during lunch…. spending over an hour there…. must be nice to have that opportunities….

if i’m not exactly at the in front of microwave exactly at 12 o’clock to heat my food i’ll not be eating lunch till 12:15….. too many people bringing frozen dinner…. if u r going to bring frozen dinner isn’t good ideas to perhaps not put the food in the freezer the whole morning?  it’s just waste of my lunch time waiting for ur food to heat up…. i only need a minute to heat up my food….

either way i head out for a walk and went into the store…. head to sale section i never knew that was exit in the other side of the store… browse a bit & saw this black & nude shade skirt…. $35 but it was in the sale pile… saw same skirt but there is not even $35 tag on it…. i figure i give a try & asked the sale woman if she can check to see if that is on sale… usually when u go to chain store sale people are not that nice they tend to give attitude….  but i picked the sweetest looking sale woman & line up behind her register… even though there are others who seem like they are almost done with ringing up the price….. she was sweet enough to greet & call to check the price…. for that i even let her ring up the man behind with his purchase 1st…. either way she was surprise the skirt was $5 even the man was surprise….lol… he said $5 bucks… i said “yea” that was the only time i smile the whole day & the only time i opened my mouth to talk beside greeting the sale lady the whole day…. the office people are talkative but only about their wives…. no common ground to talk to them about….

beside the skirt i finally figure out my itinerary for the trip…. but today i realized it’s impossible to reach all the destination i want to reach…. transportation wise i was counting on being on time arriving & leaving destination…. i just realized it might not be true for where i’m heading… yikes!