Procrastination = ME (?)

i really should had been preparing for the trip when i finally booked the flight…. instead i rely on a friend who kept changing her mind “yes-i’m going & no i’m not going”  i will be seeing her but she is not joining me on my second destination…. i finally got replying back about the question i asked “the people she knows at 2nd destination”  just in case if i’m lost or feel like wanting to eat dinner with someone or go shopping with someone i figure it will be good to have… all i’m thinking in my head was maybe they can even go with me to some places or pointed the right direction on where to eat…. i don’t mind being alone but in a foreign country i never been to this will be the 1st time i’ll be alone…. it’s hard to admit it but i’m a bit of nervous & scared…. well turned out she doesn’t know where city or town they lived…. ummm ok…. i didn’t do much planning after she mentioned she is coming with me & she knows people there…. we don’t have to worry about it…. we’ll get there & they will help us find places…. long story short i got no contact information from her…. it seems like i’ll be solo there….

really it’s my fault…. i should have known better…. i kept thinking about the commerical i’m seeing right now on Julia Robert’s new movie…. eat, pray, love….  “one woman journey across the country”  i’m hoping this journey will be my own verison of “eat, pray, love”  i didn’t get to read the book yet & the movie haven’t come out yet… too many people reserving the book at the library…. i still haven’t read it yet…. maybe i can write my own journal & when i finally get a chance to read the book i can compare…. there’ll be alot of eating on my trip…. no point of going to another country & not experiencing their traditional food…. there’ll be praying…. hoping i won’t get lost (i’m sure there’ll be tons of those moments =)) lol…. jk… maybe a little bit of that & hopely if i can find a way to experience local temples that will be good… finally LOVE…. will there be one?  well u have to wait and see… =)