if u read my last post i mentioned how i can’t seem to decide what to do with the trip…. the trip is on for sure…. it’s just a matter of visiting 1 country vs. 2 countries….. after paying that much $ for the plane ticket & not getting paid from work to have days off i figure i shouldn’t miss my opportunities to explore….

too many things to do & i still haven’t pack yet…. my room is so hot that i can’t seem to get anything done when i got home….by the time the room is cool down i’m ready for bed…. seriously what is wrong with me?  i want to sleep by  9 8… i’m not joking… no need to listen music, no need to open tv, no need for warm milk to get ready for bed…. as soon as i put my head down on the pillow i’m catching some zzzzzzzz already…. too tired?  i’m sitting at work all day staring at computer…. my eyes are terrible now….

well with that aside…. i booked my 1st night for the hotel for 1st destination…. i’m trying to figure out for the 2nd country i’m visiting…. hotel found but i got no clues how to get there…. taxi? yea but i hate taxi where u have to bargain for the price…. did i ever mentioned to u guys how i hate bargaining?  everything will be resolved by this weekend (hopefully)….