no i’m not checking out some cute guys in the office…. let me inform you there’s absolutely none that are worth checking out…. which is abit sad….  i guess i’m losing motivation to look at least decent when i come to the office for that reason… look at it from the bright side no need to buy new clothes much, no need to fix up my face (yea barley put powder on-except sunscreen)…. with that being said i’m saving money alot on clothes & beauty products lately…. i can’t remember the last time i bought new beauty products except sunscreen….

the post new title “checking out” mean i’m literally checking out from work….  i got new person moved to my side (same dept-separate group)…. let’s just say she seem nice when she was on the other group…. she never asked the other lady to do her work…. all of the sudden she in my group now & i got tons of her work…. i wanted to complain unfortunately she is one of those older folks that had been with the company over 20yrs…. more than any managers (i’m assuming)…. she know i’m pissed…. she can tell by looking at my face…. u can tell by looking at my face when i’m happy or sad…. i have hard time hiding my face expressions…. here is the problem…. if i say i have too much stuff on my plate right now…. she will say it’s no problem just do them when u can…. do i need to work non stop 8hrs while i’m here?  it’s suck when everyone only need to work 7 hrs & got paid for 8hrs except for me….

i’m curious as to what is she doing at her spare time?  i’m doing majority of her work & i’ll be the first to know if she got some new project going on (nature of the work)…. well she got none… after doing most of her work what the hell is she doing?  obiviously nothing… in order to take the time to write what she wants me to include in the email to clients why don’t she just write them directly…. my job doesn’t require me to answer clients but since i’m doing everyone work around here it’s hard not to answers…. most of the time they don’t hear from them only me…. it shouldn’t be that way…. now i’m checking out as in checking out from updating her excel sheet…. yea it’s ur job not mine…. it’s hard to when one of them deal with 200 files & the other 200 files…. well all their stupid crap r on my desk meaning i ended up dealing with everyone files…. they may complains i got so much files but guess what folks i’m dealing with 400 to 600 files if anything need to be done…. could i just have ur job instead?