This morning was kinda of interesting at work.. one of my coworkers open this 60, 70 or 80 musics.. i never even heard of it.. but the beat was good.. he opened it rather loud that i can hear it from my desk…after about 20 mins later.. one of the ladies from other dept who sit near his desk go over to his desk & told him “music is good but i think u might need to adjust something..i can hear it from my office”  well.. she was one of those people with her own office by the window.. not like moi who sit in the cubicle & can’t see if it’s raining or sunny outside.. after she left he adjusted the volume…i can’t hear the beat no more.. =(

i don’t understand why she couldn’t shut her door.. believe it or not yesterday was 2 years i had been working here… that was the 1st time the morning was fun with musics on.. the type of musics i never heard of but loving it..i’m feeling like i’m somewhere fun… the funny part was after he adjusted the volume all i can hear was his humming to the music.. which was not good… it was more annoying to me than the actual music itself.. the lady sit far enough that she can’t hear the humming but i can.. god damn it! he is back to humming and singing to the music now again as i’m typing this… haha.. i guess i’m a little use to it.. it make the different considering all i hear is keyboard typing.. ping ping.. tap tap…

i almost forget.. Happy 2 yr working here to myself.. here to my dead end career!!!!!!