i can’t believe i typed everything for this post & trying to click publish it didn’t work.. somehow it logged me out now i’m retyping everything…

i thought on my lazy Monday afternoon i will do at least something useful.. create a bucket lists.. i never seen the movie that was out in 2007 but i’m always fascinated by the ideas of making the list.. i always make a list of things i want to do for summer or winter but never called it “bucket lists”.. i guess ur new year resolution u make is more toward something u want to achieve or accomplished within the next year.. bucket lists is more toward in your lifetime.. in the past i promise myself i would learn to do something i haven’t learned before.. for instance learn to swim, bike, take other language course… the promise i made to myself 2 yrs ago was learn how to swim.. i did finished that task off from my list.. i’m not good at it to compete with Michael Phelps but good enough to swim to the shore in case of emergency.. this summer i’m trying to learn how to ride a bike.. so far only been on a bike twice.. not looking so good.. it’s hard to do when u see kids riding past u & u felt embarrassed.. they r nice to me about it.. they were actually surprise i don’t know how to ride a bike.. either way i need to get my ass more on a bike this week since the weather has been really good.. i had been trying to travel a little more at least visit one or two places i never been to per year.. so far it’s going good =)  without going further here’s my very 1st bucket lists i’m creating & want to share with u guys…

1- take a sabbatical from work & do nothing for about 4 months (travel or just soak up some sunshine.)

2- Swim with dolphins

3- donate my hair & shave the rest off the hair then go live in some temple in Asia (be a female version of a monk)  =)

4- learn how to surf

5- backpack through Asia & Europe

6- Learn to paddleboard

7- Fly a kite (yes i never done that it’s more like childhood wish)

8- Find my Mr.Right =)

9- Learn to speak a new language

10-Find a job that would challenge me

Here’s my bucket lists.. i’m so glad i had a chance to make it..  so far ten only but it’s good ten things i want to accomplished.. What is in your bucket lists?