Don’t u hate when all ur friends show up with their significant other to a party or place & u r all by urself?  i had that really awkward moment beginning of the summer… there was 4 couples & 3 single girls(of cuz i was one of the single girls).. so while we were walking all the couples were holding hands together & having their moment… i only know one of the single girl very well the other one not so much.. but the other 2 single girls know each other very well (way back in the day) so as we are walking they were talking about people they know back in the day.. i didn’t know them so i made no comment on their conversation.. believe me it was just 2 blocks distance to grab food & it felt like we had been walking forever.. i’m looking to my right happy couples & i’m looking to my left 2 old friends catching up.. i was caught in the middle.. awkward silence… in this case i felt like i was 11th wheels… haha..

now my little bro got himself a gf.. i was surprise.. i found out after they had been dating for a month.. i never met the girl.. i do think he is too young to go on a date but as a good sister i decided to keep my mouth shut & not tell my mom.. i do want to meet her & bring her out to somewhere along with him.. but i felt awkward.. i don’t want to be in the situation like i was w/my friends.. aside from awkwardness this is one of the moment i wish i’m seeing someone so it could be a double date or something.. i don’t want to be the one in charge of the conversation & trying to fill in the silence.. they r both really young (just in middle school) so obiviously i have to limit the topic we can talk about.. i still can’t decide whether to meet the girl or not..