grrrrr!!!!!!!!  yes i know work is not fun.  I had jobs that were fun.  Fun part is seeing coworkers & chatting about life & work.  The job itself is not that fun but i never i mean literally i never had coworkers who kept dumping stuff on my desk.  So this person got transfer to another group same dept & the other person from that group got transfer into my group.  Before the transfer there is another person who have same position as me work with that group.  Lucky for me the person who got transfer to me never ask that lady to do her work or tried to shift her work to her.  But i’m on the other hand got those stupid crap work.  so frustrating!   i’m at the position where i can’t really complain to the managers either.  I’m not sure because i’m not their permanent employee last time one of the coworkers said something extremely rude to me i complained.  Any other work place would have that coworker fired but not here.  I think this is the last straw.  By the end of December 31st, 2010 I’m done.  I no longer want to be here even if they offer me permanent position which i highly doubt they will.

I’m so glad i’m traveling though.  It’s at least something to look forward to.  But i’m dreading the long winter that is coming with no plan to go anywhere.  If summer is this busy winter is going to be hell.  I’m praying so hard i could get some job offer even if it’s not permanent position after i come back from my vacation.  Wish me luck guys i need it so badlyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!