I had a good weekend overall but there’s something happen that’s making me think twice about being friend w/someone & to say or not to say things.  Yes, I’m writing a lot on this blog & 95% of what i wrote on this blog majority of my friends doesn’t know that i’m going through this (aka relationship, jobs, etc.. issues).  Some might know here & there but not to the extend & details i’m writing here.

Here is what happen..   I used to know this guy who is so much drama.  (considering his age i felt like he should be more mature)  I had never met anyone who is so over possessive of people he know.. as in if i’m talking to someone he knows & that person (girl) want to hang out with me he doesn’t like that.  Which is a bit weird.   Most of the guys think he is a bit weird considering he only like to talk to girls.  He doesn’t have any guy friends.  Most of the girls notice that as well.  I don’t know he is a player or not but from what i heard & from what i notice he is not a player.  Girls doesn’t find him as a boyfriend material.  Which I agree on it.  In your life you’ll run into a few guys & u just notice right away.  He falls into that category.

Forward to this weekend.   Oh yea i no longer talk to the man.  I really should use man considering he is already in his 30 & act like he is still in high school.  anyways 1 of my friend still talk to him & every time i see her she would mentioned how this & that the way he acted.  Alot of stuff she mentioned make me concluded he might have a crush on her.  In the past, she herself said to me I think he have a crush on me.  I agree with her.  So forward back to this wkd, she said “he want me to give him a hug.  I said No.  It felt weird since the way we r sitting it would be more toward a cuddle than a hug.  Then, he got mad.  I thought he never going to talk to me again.  But he texted me later to asked me to go somewhere with him”   (I’m not sure he asked a cuddle or a hug to her) either way to me it does seem like he got a little crush doesn’t it?  I do feel like he wants a gf but girls don’t seem him that way.  My friend is same age as him.  So to me it does make perfect sense.  Among other things she mentioned i do feel like he likes her.  I said to her so u hang out with him lately?  She said “No, because u said he might have a crush on me?  I don’t want to mislead him”  Um… i have no ideas what to say to her.  My only response was “well, i only know from what u told me.  You know urself.  U said so urself he might have a crush on me”  I was more amazed at her decision to not hang out with him so much lately because of what i said.  I said to her awhile ago.  Sometimes the end of last yr (09) or beginning of (2010).  Since then I’m still hearing different stories of how something he does bug her & to the point of her lateness story of “a hug”  So obviously even after what i said to her she still hanging out with him.  I never said don’t hang out with him.  I’m stating the fact “he might like her”  & when i said that she agree with me at that time as well.  So what is the whole point of blaming me because of what i said?  She is much older than i’m & dated way more many guys than i did.  In a way, i felt like she can make a decision on her life herself.  I should have said ” it doesn’t stop u from hanging out with him for numerous amount of time”  But i was amazed by what she said.

I thought if i hang out with someone who is older than i’m i would be little bit more mature & know what i want in life.  WRONG!  Not just in this case, numerous cases i realized it doesn’t matter how old the person is he/she may might not be mature yet.  Most importantly it goes by case by case.  You can’t assume just because someone at a certain age they will act certain way.  It’s true in this case i mentioned earlier.  I felt like her recent turn of age to a  point where she should have at least a boyfriend that would be purpose to her making her think twice about who she hang out with.  I do know she wants to get marry.  Since her recent bday, I think she probably realized herself she should be hanging out with a group of people or at least surround herself where bachelor r going to be.  He only hang out with girls & those girls r group of people u know that will never introduce u to ur potential other.  Especially, if that man likes her what is the chance he would introduce to her to someone whom he think might like her.   People say you will meet someone when u r least expected.  Yes it’s true but it doesn’t mean u should not be out there trying to look for it.  Most men wouldn’t approach a woman that is surrounding herself with abunch of girls & 1 man.  He might not want to get rejected in front of a group of people especially when if it seem like that woman is out with friends & not interested in saying “hello” to someone.  I had come to that conclusion only because she said “where can we go that we can meet a new people?”  I think sometimes when u r in the same circle for awhile & u r not meeting anyone that might want to ask u out on a date it might be time to expand ur circle.  Don’t you think?  I want to say all those things I’m typing right now but i will keep my mouth shut & not say anything @ all.  She knows herself more than i’m typing.