I finally had a chance to changed my blog name today.  This is the 1st new entry I’m writing under this new name.  I did had a chance to transfer my old entries into the new one.  U need drama & pain in life to see when good things come along in life right?  That’s more or less the reasons why i decided to kept the old entries.  Aside from that, I finally figure out some stuff.

I had been writing non-stop about how i’m lost lately.  Truth to be told I’m not sure i was ever lost.  After giving so much thought, I finally realized I’m not lost the way I’m describing.  I’m lost frustrated in a way that I can’t do or get where I want in life.  Reason r too personal but with that aside I finally realized  i do know what i want in life except it’s not going to happen for the time being.  Lost in a moment & trying to make the best of life on what I have in front of me.  (if even any of those things make sense at all) so there u have it.  Life is full of drama & unexpected it’s up to us to make the most of it.  Live the moment enjoy every second of it, you’ll never get the second or minutes you wasted back.  Stop & smell the flowers along the way.  Until next time.  XoXo