recently i got my phone renew & i decided to spoil myself.. yes that was before i decided to go on a vacation… i figure i should do something for myself once in a while.. i love this new phone.. i’m paying my phone bills more beside that i love how i can dl this Buddha quotes from phone app… every time i’m bored i just clicked through the quotes they got… here’s the interesting one…

“No one saves us but ourselves.  No one can and no one may.  We ourselves must walk the path.”

I love the quote & i think it’s true.   You can asked so many people for advice about your life but only YOU know yourself.  Someone may had walk the path & turned out he or she thought it was the best for them.  You heard the story & u figure u go for that path but it may not be right for you.  You know yourself more than anyone else.  Maybe for someone they found out their path in life early stage in their life & it might not be true for you.  I know i’m still trying to figure out my life.

In the past,  someone asked about how she can’t figure out her life after finishing the degree & talked to me about that.  Well i was surprise considering 1) i barely talked to her therefore u can say i’m not her friend or know her well.  2)  how did she know i was a bit lost-the only explanation was a mutual person who knew must have told her.  3) if ur good friends can’t help u figure out what is best for you as a stranger to u what makes u think i could?  (i’m lost myself).  I didn’t say this to those fact to her but almost always people asked advice especially their life changing moves to the people they r close to.  When you know someone for period of time they know ur likes & dislikes on numerous things.  They could point out some of the things u r really good @ it & not realizing it.  I always felt weird to have those kind of conversation w/someone i don’t know.  I can try to makes them feel better that it’ll be ok but i can’t be the one making decision for them.  Everyone life is different.  You may want to do the same things I do but something in my life or your life may prevent you from achieving that goal.  I don’t know the details of your life to know why u r not reaching for that goal.

I know what I would have done in her situation but I didn’t tell her “this” is the path u should be going.  I don’t want to be responsible for the decision she is going to make.  I’m trying not to take people advice seriously.  I want to figure out on my own.  After chatting for a bit w/her (for the 1st time) ha! I thought the best way in this situation would be gave her examples that I’m lost & I’m ok w/that.  It turned out she wanted to have a little chat w/me because I’m the same boat as her.   All her other friends know what they want to do with their life.  Well I’m glad to be the lost soul.  I didn’t give her suggestion on what she should be doing.  I got the feeling she know what she supposed to be doing after chatting w/her.  She just need someone to say it’s good ideas go for it.  I can’t be the one who is doing that for her.

Have you ever had someone who u don’t know (not a compelete stranger) someone who u barely see but will greet if u happen to see on the street asked for ur advice?  If you had you know exactly what i’m talking about.  In a way u felt like since questions are being asked u should gave an answer.  But on the other hand we don’t know each other I can’t be the one who is telling u what to do.  I know if I had told her this & this way is the way to go she may or may not take the advice & follow through with it.  I do know that I don’t want to cloud her judgement based on the conversation I had with her.

Back to the quote.  It’s true “we ourselves must walk the path”  The decision you makes in your life will hopefully guide u through the right path.  It may take for you to get there longer than others but the experiences that will take you to get there will hopefully strengthen you & give you confident in life.  I myself is hopeful that will happen to me.  Have a fablous day!