Have u ever woke up one morning & felt frustrated?  well if u ever did u know  exactly how i’m feeling today.. everything seems not according to the plans…maybe that’s what i’m most frustrated about… i’m trying to shift my focus from things i’m not happy w/or stuff that are not happening to my travel plans… it’s just seem to be not working at all.. i should be excited about traveling… deep down i’m not so sure i’m excited… don’t get me wrong part of me is excited that i’m traveling to countries i’m never been to but the other part of me know when i come back from traveling i have long, cold, winter ahead of me plus w/my dead-end job..i’m not ready to face that… therefore i’m not ready to travel yet.. the closer travel date is coming the closer i felt how my life is not going to according to my plan..

some people like to have plans… they like to know what is ahead of them.. i don’t really mind… i never was the one w/the big plan… as long as i’m happy w/what i’m doing i didn’t care much for it.. i know people who want to make X amount of $ so they go for the job that is going to pay them.. some want to stay in the country so they’ll take the job that  will eventually get their sponsorship.. either way u look at it they’re heading the right direction.. their plan is whether to stay in the country or making $, they’re on the right track.. i felt like every morning i woke up i’m heading to the wrong path.. i’m trying to take a U-turn but it’s seem like even after several U-turn i’m still not on the right road…

i did had a great weekends… there are not going to be a lot of good weekend in the fall when it’s cold outside.. i’m trying to enjoy little summer time left.. i’m hoping either before the trip or during the trip i’ll figure out what i want to do when i come back… wish me luck! =)