i’m psyched… half day today@ work … i needed this so badly… since i’m not getting paid for the time i’m not @ the office i ended up coming early everyday this week… i’m exhausted but nothing beat soaking up some sun come @ 1.. =)

this few days i felt like my focus shift from writing about relationship to JOB.. is that a good thing or bad thing?  i dunno.. i got Monday off too of cuz w/out pay.. awwwwwww!!!!!!  i want to scream so badly.. these days i’m pissed at people who tell me they got X amount of vacation time left to take & A) they don’t want to take it or B) they don’t know what to do w/their time off… R U SERIOUS???? for chris sake go out & just lay on the grass…. in the past i don’t think i ever got jealous because someone got more vacation time than me.. i didn’t really care in the past.. i actually like working.. i felt like i would miss out on something @ work if i got  2 or 3 days extra vacation time off…  now i NEED WANT that extra day w/pay so BADLYYYYY!!!!!haha… is that part of growing up?  haha.. my previous job (even part time one) i got 1 week or so time off w/sick day & holiday paid.. now @ this job nada..

is this part of life?  i thought when u done w/college & u r supposed to get better job w/benefit?  why is everything is going opposite for me?  what is the point of even getting a degree?  i seriously thinking of getting my master degree.. i felt like i’m already slowly become lazy to study or attempt to open a book to read.. i don’t want to be in my 30 or 40 even 50 & then get my master degree.. there’s nothing wrong w/people who r doing it right now or people who will be doing it.. i know myself better than anyone else.. if i don’t go back to school in the next yr or 2.. i’ll NEVER get my degree..

w/all the depressing work stuff aside..i’m super excited about this weekend.. so much happening.. until next time…