so since my job interview never happen i’ll be heading to Asia in late summer.  i had travels before but i never was the one who needs to worry everything aka planning.. i always gave a suggestion but i never had to make sure how to get point A to point B or would it be better to get to point C 1st then B then A… it’s overwheeling.. at least it gave me something to do while i was at work so i’m not bored… it’s a lot harder than i thought.. these days where u can find out everything u need to know w/just one click of a button but what people didn’t realized it making sure u r clicking the right one..

in the past my travelling buddies had been confident that we’ll figure it out once we get there… it’s true.. it’s not like any of us need to worry.. we just go w/the flows… but this time it’s different.. traveling w/different buddy where i know i need to be planning before we get there.. i know i’ll be the one hailing the cab or asking directions.. i have a feeling there’ll be a lot of asking direction time.. it gave me a chance to step up but in foreign country.. i’m getting one of those butterfly feeling in my stomach already…

traveling can be fun.. it’s not fun when u know u r not going to get paid from work for taking time off..  i desperately need a job w/vacation paid..  it’s easier for people who have X amount of vacation paid to talk to their managers & say i’m taking this & this day off.. well the managers know they’re supposed to gave it to them since there’s X amount of time vacation left for their employees they need to use up.. in my case where i’m not getting paid for it at all it’s a bit harder..  i know they’re not paying me shouldn’t they be more happier?  it’s like pain in the ass just to get more than half a day off..  i felt like throughout the yr i shouldn’t take more than 2 weeks off.. i had already seen my coworkers already taking over 2 weeks off already.. i’m going to assume they got paid at least 1 month off for vacation.. they don’t take 2 straight weeks off since they go nowhere… most of them take time off to do work around their house aka clean the attic.. i would gladly do work around the house if u pay me to take time off from work…  hating life right now!  but excited about the trip.. can’t wait =)  planning could be fun (i hope)