i feel the need to write another post considering my last post was depressing.. last friday i got a call while i was out w/mom to get some stuff done for her.. guess what the phone is about?  JOB INTERVIEW!!!!!!  yes finally… it’s about time.. people kept telling me considering this economy you should consider yourself lucky u have a job.. yes i know but there’s a different between having a job & hating it.. you literally drag yourself out of bed every morning is not a good way to start your day.. now my alarm rang at 6, 6:15, 6:30, 6:45, 7, 7:15.. yep no jokes… i kept setting my alarm to be 15 minutes apart so i can go back in & get that 15 minutes shut eyes… awww life!!! no wonder my hair is turning white each days in my 20…

Interview is set for next week.. for some reason i kept thinking it’s tomorrow… good things i reread the confirmation email again.. (those of you who may be reading this — ALWAYS ALWAYS double check date/time for your interview or other important days in your life) i called again to confirm yep it’s next week.. i can’t wait! i’m so ready.. i’m ready to wow them… wish me luck plsssss!!!!! for mysake… i don’t want any more white hairs… =)