i’m having such a headache lately.. i’m not sure because i haven’t been getting enough sleep… 7hrs is more than enough for the night right?  i think i’m having headache because of my job..

how does one find what they want to do with their life?  do they already know when they learn how to read & write or when they r walking down the street all of the sudden something they saw on the street makes them realized what their path in life should be… sadly to say i haven’t get to the point where i know what i want to do..

let me back up & say i had been working after i finished 8th grade.. so i had different odd jobs while i was in school.. now i finished my undergraduate & i’m more lost than i was.. the odd jobs had taught me alot of things & some job gave me confidence i needed @ that moment… sadly to say my current job the one i thought was gonna put into the right path turned out to be THE WORST JOB ever…

for the 1st time in my life

1) i’m not learning anything

2) it’s not going nowhere-no promotion, nothing is ever going to happen

3) people i worked with are plain MEAN (yes, i said it)- i noticed alot of time they feel the need to put someone down in order to feel good about themselves

4) well it’s part of 3 but they don’t want to show you how things r done- (* i noticed yesterday someone was asking questions to that particular man @ work & the way he said to her back is plain rude*)  alot of times i did notice when other people asked him questions he tended to be alittle rude or hide the information he knows.. i avoid as much as i can to not ask him question… one of the things i noticed was that if this was a HS he wouldn’t have a friend.. i think he probably one of the greeky guy when he was in HS where no one want to be friend with…

5) alot of people are two faces, sad to say i haven’t had direct interaction with that kind of people @ my other jobs in the past.. i know people that are but i don’t need to deal with them directly now i’m face to deal with them… i’m not cut out to be in the situation..

CONCLUSION:  i think those are all the reason give or take the reason why i’m having such a headache.. feel like going up to the mountain & just shout… AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!  the positive side to all of is only one thing.. i finally have time to write… yes if this job is not what i mentioned from my list 1 to 5 i wouldn’t even created this blog & write.. =)