yikes! i think i screwed up my job interview over the phone yesterday… recently almost always  in the past 6 months or so i had been trying to land a new job.. yesterday out of the blues my cell phone rang… i didn’t recognize the # since i just got my new phone & i don’t have anyone contact lists on my phone anymore.. i picked up the phone immediately i realized it was one of the jobs i applied last week… the lady on the other end want to have a quick chat… i was excited! i quickly unplugged the phone from the charger & took it to the conference room since one of my mangers was near me… i couldn’t quite catch the name of the company the lady mentioned earlier when i picked up the phone but i didn’t care… all i want is a new environment to work.. but somehow toward the end i think i screwed up.. conversation goes like this…

the lady:  are you been looking for a new job for awhile? (she asked since i’m currently applying in different field than i’m in right now)

Me:  Yes!  i haven’t much luck w/it.. (grrrr!!! i shouldn’t have stop it there–what i should have said was “Yes, but i tended to get offer for a short term basis)

the lady:  did you try ur school to see if they can help you?

Me:  I haven’t reach out to them yet..

the lady:  what’s your GPA?

Me:  *i’m not gonna mentioned it since it was low*

the lady:  Ok.. i’ll pass your resume to hiring manager…if they see you fit they will contact you… thank you for applying for the position..

Me:  It was nice talking with you.. thanks!

What is that mean?  “Thank you for applying for the position”.. i had seen that phrase on the emails when i got rejected for the position.. so frustating… but i’m glad at least i’m getting a call.. trying to look at the positive side =)