i just went out today to get some fresh air during lunch time… i can smell the summer is coming…how do i know?  people sweating!  yes i can see people sweating… lol… but i love summer!  u know it’s summer when people in the office started wearing flip flop.. u can hear them.. flip flop flip flop flip flop… kinda of annoying but in a way it’s good… u know when someone coming near u…i’m craving something cold..icecream or Popsicle.. scratch that i want ICE SHAVE… they’re amazing.. i really want to get the machine so i can make my own..

nothing interesting going on @ work but i had been recently reading alot about cooking receipes on the web… one of these day i’m tempt to go to grocery store & start buying all those ingredients & start cooking.. goal for today nothing..just want to relax…  =)